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Omicron Chapter

The first session of the University of Texas begin on September 15, 1883. With the authority of Knight Commander J. S. Candler's signed charter, dated October 5, 1883, University of Texas student A.J. Gibson created Omicron chapter. Thirteen days later, on October 18, 1883, the chapter was formally founded. This day, Gibson initiated six other students. Gibson, his initiates at Austin, and other members who attended university classes downtown in the temporary Capitol comprised the original chapter.

Two more students would join the chapter during the University of Texas' first session, but only near the session's close, June 1884. Neither of these students experienced the make shift arrangements in the temporary Capitol. Both matriculated into the university in January 1884, shortly after classes had shifted to "College Hill," the name given to the 40 acres formally reserved for the nascent University. Leon Bates Bramlette- youngest brother of the chapter's eleventh member- entered the academic department. Thomas Blake Duppree- from Hockley, in Harris County, northwest of Houston- entered the law department.